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Dear conference participants,

In light of Russian aggression against Ukraine, we stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people affected by the war, including Ukrainian scholars, researchers, musicians, teachers, and students.

We recognize that women, girls, members of ethnic and sexual minorities, as well as people with disabilities remain particularly vulnerable to violence during–and in the aftermath of–this military invasion. 


Moreover, we condemn the persecution, censorship and disinformation Russia perpetuates against its own citizens and we stand in solidarity with those who suffer in Russia for protesting the war.


We express solidarity with all conference participants affected by these circumstances and we acknowledge that current events will impact our debates about gender and music in the region.


Ukrainian people and their country urgently need financial help to survive. Please consider donating to Ukraine.
We also encourage you to circulate information about academic opportunities for Ukrainian students and scholars available here:
Marta Beszterda and Barbora Vacková
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